Assessment, prevention, technical assistance, protection and operational support



An audit is necessary in all type of prospection process or evolution. The audit operates as an in situ investigation for all kind of business: industrial facility, organisation or a company. Its objective is to evaluate the adequacy with a regulation, a norm or a global context. From this observation, some axis of efforts can be drawn to limit the inadequacies.


It is the reason why, when your activity has an evolution (entry in competitive market sector, growth evolution, facilities evolution, etc) or when the environment of your company changes (competition, unstable situation, etc), such a process is necessary.


GROUPE PRORISK performs audits in sensitive sectors and sectros governed by regulations, where approximation cannot be tolerated. Public or private actors have trust in the Group in order to perform these rigorous audits: ISPS Code, security of company if vital activity sector, sensitive company’s security, etc.


GROUPE PRORISK proposes to conduct simultaneously internal audit, training/awareness and exercises. These three parameters are interlinked and complementary. Their combined use enable the validation of the prerequisites and the ensuration that the structure is prepared.


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