Assessment, prevention, technical assistance, protection and operational support

The strategic committee

The assistance for management and safeguard of your maritime areas is an emerging sector which requires various kinds of experience and high-level consultants.


It is the reason why GROUPE PRORISK established a strategic committee. This advisory body is associated with the decision-making process of the company through recommendations and counselling. The members come from various professional backgrounds, and provide the group with a very profitable added value.


  • Thierry Houette, Chairman of GROUPE PRORISK
  • Laurent Brocard, Chief Executive of GROUPE PRORISK



  • Gildas Le Lidec, former French ambassador
  • Patrick Hebrard, VAE (2S), associated researcher at the Fundation for Strategic Research
  • Henri Poisson, General Director of Maritime Affairs (2S)
  • Christophe Rousseau, Deputy Director at the Documentation Center of Research and Experimentation about accidental water pollution (CEDRE)
  • Henri Chavane de Dalmassy, Rear-Admiral (2S)
  • Benoit Le Goaziou, Navy First Class Chief Commissioner (ER), Lawyer, Expert of State Action in Sea
  • Pierre Legras, Former Ship-owner

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