Assessment, prevention, technical assistance, protection and operational support



GROUPE PRORISK put its team’s operational expertise at the service of States and companies for :

  • The protection of goods and facilities,
  • The security of the staff – training, preparing for expatriation, mobility etc,
  • The help for the control of information – security of information technology and data.

The group proposes a global approach of protections issues, taking into account the company’s specificities. From the initial diagnosis to the development of procedures including their establishment and their monitoring, the Group’s experts are present to meet expectations and to develop an efficient and sustainable solution.


Many services fields are offered :

  1. Maritime safeguardassistance to States for the organization and the establishment of safeguard missions.
  2. Private ship protection teams: the Group conducts activities of PMSC (Private Maritime Security Company), by activating private protection teams on the ships which transit in high-risk piracy areas.
  3. Maritime surveillanceassistance to States and procurement of means.
  4. Surveillance and guarding Prorisk International has the authorization (AUT-029-2112-08-05-20130341769) for pursuing the activities of surveillance and guarding.
  5. Internal security:
  6. Technical assistance

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