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Threats identification

Threats identification

Whether you are a private or public actor, the economic activity of an institution can be threatened both from the outside and the inside. Potential destabilisation factors are diverse, and it is essential to identify them in order to preserve the continuity of your activity.


GROUPE PRORISK draws a lists of risks and threats, and their associated attack modes. Threat scenarios are then established, with a special focus on the best efficiency/cost ratio for a malicious or terrorist actor. To do so, efficiency is measured through the expected results (human, economic, media and psychological). The cost is assessed on the difficulties to lead the operation. The evaluation is done according to the notions of attractiveness and feasibility, the combination of attractiveness and feasibility levels is to be seen as a way to prioritise the threats.


Threat identification is one of the essential parameters to evaluate the risks of your activity. It requires expertise, thoroughness and attention.

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